Signum•ID platform sets a new standard in the area of electronic signing, identification and verification of eDocuments. Based on the platform we bring you an extensive variety of vertical solutions for creating and exchanging legally binding documents.




e-Business Advantages

Creating an e-signing platform is a prerequisite for the establishment of a digitally transformed business. It primarily involves digitizing all communication between citizens, business entities and the state. Get rid of printing, faxing, sending, copying, scanning, manual searching and storing paper documents because they slow YOU down! Reduce the risk of losing, accidentally destroying or requiring extra archiving space for secure storage! 


Do business transactions in minutes, not weeks!

Typically, the duration of signing, approving or contracting (or any business communication based on legally binding documents) can be significantly reduced if documents are signed by a qualified digital signature, regardless of location or time.


Provide on-line services to identified users!

The highest security level of electronic identity is achieved by a qualified identification certificate. Rest assured in the identity of users who utilize your eServices. Verify the validity of the eDocuments so that they can be exchanged and provided faster for easier collaboration.


Save on paper, toner, mail and labor costs!

If you truly wish to achieve complete business digitization and establish a "paperless office", you must digitize all traffic at the entrance and exit of your business system. Such an approach allows for considerable savings to be made through reduced use of paper, toner, mail, archiving space and significantly lower labor costs.


Because we want to transfuse all our effort to YOUR satisfaction

Our vision is to popularize and feasibly implement a paperless office. That is why we are building a superior platform for vertical solutions that will enable YOU to focus on what is the most important to YOU and your business; not on the constant FIGHT with technology. Fully transform the way you manage your legally binding business communication with the rest of the world! Signum•ID solutions can be applied instantly and seamlessly after watching 5 minutes of easy-to-understand video tutorials. We are able to effortlessly unveil the technological complexity behind our vertical solutions. If you get stuck, we are again available for YOU through a direct channel of communication - whichever form is most convenient for YOU at any given time. We go to such lengths because YOUR satisfaction is important to us!


Fastest Digital Signature - Guaranteed  

We have fully optimized the signing process, resulting in the highest speed test results. Signing is INSTANT - either through a desktop or web application! Sounds impossible?  CLICK HERE to request a demonstration!


Extensive eDocument verification

How do you verify digitally signed documents obtained from users in your country or the EU? How can you be certain that the document is legally valid or who has legitimately signed it? YOU can trust the security of our verification!


100% secure user identification

Can you precisely identify users who have used your eServices? Our Signum•ID Platform enables unambiguous identification of any person accessing your eServices.


We have built vertical solutions for eSignAndApprove, eForms, ePortal based on our SIGNUM•ID platform for electronic signing, verification and identification


How many verification levels must a document in your system pass to be finally legally bound (signed)? How long does this approval process last? What if documents need to be verified beforehand by YOUR affiliates /subsidiaries or business partners?

Our eSignAndApprove solution allows you to effortlessly define and integrate an automated signing workflow process. Use it to initiate remote signatories and validators, which may be your internal users, partners or clients. They can generate and share legally binding eDocuments by collaborating on your eSignAndApprove portal solution. 


Looking for ways to make your customers happy and triumph over competitors with range of your newly established eServices? Do you want users to be able to initiate a formal request by selecting an available template published on your portal; filling, signing and sending it electronically? And that they can do this using only an internet browser, without installing any prerequisite software?

Our eForms solution can convert your existing PDF printing forms into active ones so that they can be published on YOUR eForms portal. With an electronically signed and legally valid PDF document, you will receive in parallel all data in a structured format for additional automation in your IT system!


Do you already have several document management systems in YOUR IT environment that you no longer use? Is it due to avoidable complexity slowing your down?

Our ePortal solution gives YOU a direct and straightforward eDocument management system with a broad range of flexibility for further customization. It can also incorporate external users through a secure registration process for collaboration on shared documents. You can easily search documents based on defined properties, reduce cost and achieve true digital transformation in a "paperless office". No word will ever need to be written on paper. 


The right version for me?

A desktop, web or mobile solution will make operational business decision-making effortless, ensuring you have the best option in every situation at any time


The desktop application is intended for users who need fast digital signing and verification of one or more documents on a local computer, without online collaboration.

Web collaboration

A web-based solution is best suited for creating, exchanging and verifying eDocuments through our eSignAndApprove processes and eForms collaboration based on active PDF forms.

Mobile solution

A mobile solution gives you freedom to use all functionalities that are available in a web collaboration solution, regardless of location.


Do you have multiple internal systems that require the use of electronic signatures?

Do you have multiple internal solutions and several system integrators implementing them? Do you want to avoid clashes with each system integrator using different electronic signatures? Do you need to pay for the same service - more or less - multiple times? From a cryptographic perspective, are they following dynamic changes in operating systems and updating the client? If you want to have electronically signed and legally recognized documents that comply with EU-regulated standards, you can implement a Signum•ID central digital signing solution that unifies the entire process. System integrators can easily integrate digital signatures and verify solutions with our Signum•ID SDK. There is no cause for concern over waiting for integration to finalize: our SDKs have been optimized to complete the process in just a single day.

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